FAQ – (Frequently Asked Questions)

LasVegasDiet.com is proud of our easy to use web site and our quality products and service.  Below is an assortment of questions we hope will make your online quality product purchases fast and efficient from LasVegasDiet.com.  The questions and answers below are displayed in no order of importance to assist in giving you more specific knowledge about our company, products, services, discounts, distributors, wholesalers, shipping, affiliate program, and much more.

Question #1 – Are there minimums you have to buy on this web site?
Answer #1 – NO.  You can buy one item or thousands.  However, if you spend $75 or more, you receive free shipping within the USA.

Question #2 – Can i place an order over the phone?
Answer #2 – YES.  However, your order actually is processed fastest if placed online because of the automation built into the web site ordering process. It is faster than human can process your order online.

Question #3 – Once I spend $150 in products do i instantly become a Distributor?
Answer #3 – YES.  On the first order placed where you spend $150 or more, you automatically become a Distributor.  Following orders you can buy 1 product if you desire, you will get Distributor pricing.

Question #4 – If I buy different types of products will they all be sent in one package or are there shipping fees?
Answer #4 – Yes / NO.  Yes, you can buy any combinations of products and they will all be shipped together.  AND, No if you spend more than $75 on any combination of  products shipping is free within the USA.

Question #5 – Is it possible to change an order once it has been purchased online?
Answer #5 – YES.  IF you contact us within a few minutes of placing the order.  Our automation system is designed to have your order filled and in transit within a few hours of your purchase.

Question #6 – Can anyone become a Wholesaler of the products?
Answer #6 – YES.  Any person or business who desires to place larger orders on a consistent basis can become a Wholesaler. International Wholesalers will have shipping rules and regulations for each individual country.

Question #7 – Do I need a prescription for any of the products sold on this web site?
Answer #7 –  NO.  We sell OTC (Over the Counter) products as well as supplements, which never need a doctor prescription to order.  For those not familiar with OTC products, these have passed testing by the FDA and do cure or heal a health issue.

Question #8 –  Are there bonuses for Distributors to earn and if so how does it work?
Answer #8 – YES.  We are not a multi level company.  We do offer a “Thank You” bonus to Distributors who introduce our products to new customers.  Bonus is 20% of what the new customer purchases in a month if you, the Distributor, have made a purchase in the same calendar month.  See full details at becoming a Distributor.

Question #9 – Are all the ingredients and products made in USA?
Answer #9 – NO / YES.  No, not all raw products come from the USA, many raw products are only found in foreign countries.  Yes, all our patches and supplements are manufactured in USA by cGMP FDA facilities.

LasVegasDiet.com cannot list all Frequently Asked Questions here because of space limitations, however we are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please complete the form below and one of our trained staff will reply to your question ASAP.   Thank you.