Meet Star Distributors – And Some Benefits of Being a Distributor is proud to offer quality products and equally proud of our Distributors who use and sell our products worldwide. To become part of the family of Distributors of you must be 18 years of age or older and have a desire to help others. You can receive discounts and sell all of our products, a few products or only one product if you desire.

Cost to become a Distributor is FREE. We do not charge you a fee to become a Distributor. Our system is very simple. We offer products at our regular low price to everyone. However, if you desire to be a Distributor, by purchasing a minimum of $150 you automatically become a Distributor entitling you to discounts and deals on all future orders. No hidden fees.

Make money at your pace. NO monthly purchases are needed to remain a Distributor. There are bonus money available should you tell friends / relatives / coworkers about and they become a Distributor. This is NOT multi level marketing. We give you a Thank You bonuses for sharing our Company with other potential Distributors.

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