Bonus Program for Life Enhancement Distributors:

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Life Enhancement Distributors “Thank You” Bonus – 10% Additional Bonus:

Another way is created to obtain more income from

An existing Life Enhancement Distributor will introduce many people to the product line. Some of your customers making purchases from your company may eventually want to take advantage of the 41% discount and also become a Life Enhancement Distributor themselves. We developed a “Thank You” Bonus for you under these circumstances so you continue to make money from your customers purchases.

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Introducing, the newest way to make money from, the 10% Thank You Bonus.

Obviously, if your customer becomes a Life Enhancement Distributor and you both are buying at 41% discount there is no percentage left over for you to generate a profit.

HOWEVER, you are now entitled to a new avenue of income since both you and your customers are qualified Life Enhancement Distributors. You will receive a “Thank You” Bonus of 10% of every dollar spent by your customers who became a new Life Enhancement Distributor. “Thank You” Bonus rules are simple to follow.
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To comply with state regulations this is how you qualify for the 10% Thank You Bonus.

Any month your customers who became a Life Enhancement Distributor buy products during a calendar month you will be entitled to a 10% Bonus of the amount they spend if you have made any purchase, one item or more in the same calendar month. If your customer who became a Life Enhancement Distributors buys something in a month and you do not make a purchase, you will NOT receive a 10% commission for only that month. As long as you and your customers remain qualified as Life Enhancement Distributors each month you can qualify to receive the 10% “Thank You” Bonus if both of you buy any products. This 10% Thank You Bonus does not include tax or shipping fees if any were paid by the new Distributor.


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* Each city, state and country has different rules for operating a business and any paperwork / license you may require. If you desire to become a Life Enhancement Distributor and resell the products we suggest you comply with your local laws.



* Disclaimer:  Earnings vary depending on each Life Enhancement Distributor and the activities they do to work their businesses.  Life Enhancement Distributor profits vary.  Any references to income on this site represent average earnings and do not guarantee any amount will be earned.