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Following prices are for domestic sales – International orders please call 702-210-4201 for quantity pricing. is pleased you have an interest in buying our high quality products at 10%-41%-Largest % off “Discounts on all product” prices.

We built this company to service the needs of our VIP’s, Individuals, Distributors and Wholesalers alike.

Below are the simple rules to obtain maximum discounts and future bonuses. No hidden costs to become a member of our Team.

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Please remember, we offer various levels of discounts to match all persons / companies desires.  If you want to buy only one product, several products or make products your business, we have a price level for everyone.

Below are the qualifications it takes to reach each individual level of discounts.  The higher the level of discounts also the more rewards, special events, training, and many other items become available.

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Gold Level
Life Enhancement VIPs:

VIPs: Life Enhancement Gold Level VIPs receive special deals and more.
1. To receive special deals and discounts is easy, simply click here to sign up for the FREE email newsletter.
2. Once you have signed up for our FREE email newsletter,You will be sent a welcome Life Enhancement VIP email which contains your personal Life Enhancement Gold Level VIP Identification Number.
3. Becoming a Gold Level VIP allows to you receive exclusive items, information and deals contained only within the newsletter.
4. Spend more than $60 on an order you get free shipping. (free shipping rules)
5. Click here for more information on becoming a Life Enhancement Gold Level VIP, no monthly mandatory purchases.
6.  Please note: If you unsubscribe from our email newsletter your future deals and specials will not be available.

Platinum Level
Life Enhancement Distributors – 41% Off

Distributors: Life Enhancement Distributors buy products at 41% discount
1. Register as a Life Enhancement Distributor.
2. You will be sent a welcome Life Enhancement Distributor email which contains your personal Life Enhancement Distributor Identification Number.
3. There are two ways to become a Life Enhancement Distributor.  There is no fee or additional cost to become a Life Enhancement Distributor.
4.  Qualifying is based on product purchase only:  You can purchase quantities monthly and become a Distributor or spend a one time purchase which saves you money to become a Distributor.
For example:
Distributor Option #1.  Spend $1.556.18 at full price cumulative in a calendar year and you automatically qualify for all additional purchases for the rest of the qualifying calendar year PLUS the following year you will be a Life Enhancement Distributor, buying products at 41% off.
Distributor Option #2.  For those persons wanting to get a jump start by making money sharing products immediately with their friends/family/coworkers and for your own consumption, place an order of one case, 24 bottles each, of the Fat Burner with Appetite Suppressant and one case, 24 bottles of Mental Performance, which totals $2,637.60 at regular price in the shopping cart on your original order, insert your Life Enhancement Distributor Identification Number automatically your cost is adjusted online to only $1,556.18, (41% off total order) saving $1,084.42 Instantly. The rest of the qualifying calendar year PLUS the following year you will be a Life Enhancement Distributor, buying products at 41% off.
5. As a fully qualified Distributor you can buy all future orders at 41% discounts in any quantity. Please remember, spend more than $150 on an order receive free shipping.
6. Click here for even more information on becoming a Life Enhancement Distributor, work from home opportunities, direct discounts, bonuses, work part time or full time, no set hours, no monthly mandatory purchases and more.
7.  If you already have become a Life Enhancement Distributor you can log into your account by clicking here.


Diamond Level
Life Enhancement Wholesalers – Largest Discount Off

Wholesalers: Life Enhancement Wholesalers buy products at the Largest discount available!.
1. Register as a Life Enhancement Wholesaler.  (Life Enhancement Wholesale opportunities are also available outside the USA, please call 702-210-4201 for full details and availability.)
2. Upon completion of the free registration form, one of our Regional Sales Representatives will contact you and discuss the opportunities available throughout the United States and other countries.
3. Individual / company conducting business within the USA, spend $25,000 or more on your first order, all at largest % off regular prices.
4. All future orders for fully qualified USA Life Enhancement Wholesalers are at LARGEST discount from the regular low prices as displayed online.
5. As a USA Life Enhancement Wholesaler you can buy future products in any quantity, please remember, spend more than $1,000 on an order you get free shipping within the continental USA.
6. Receive a Wholesaler Bonus on all Life Enhancement Distributors purchases you directly sign up to Life Enhancement Distributor program.

Bonus Program – Make more profits…10% Additional Bonus

A “Thank You” bonus of 10% for every person you (existing fully qualified Life Enhancement Distributor) directly bring to and they become a Life Enhancement Distributor. Click here for more details. is not a multi level marketing company. This 10% bonus we feel it is fair for a qualified Life Enhancement Distributor to receive some financial reward for bringing a new Distributor to our company. Obviously if you and the new Distributor both buy products at 41% off, without this 10% new bonus you would make nothing and have no incentive to find new Distributors.

10% Bonus Life Enhancement Distributors

Shipping Discounts – Free Shipping Available – Click here for full details:

free shipping spend only $60


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*Disclaimer:  Distributor / Wholesaler profits vary.  Any references to income on this site represent average earnings and do not guarantee any amount will be earned. Earnings vary depending on each Distributor or Wholesaler and the activities they do to work their businesses.