Why Topical Patches?

As technology continues to evolve, so does the health and medical products and delivery system of products to the human body and this especially is true for topical patches. LasVegasDiet.com has looked at many products and several manufactures of patches and determined the 3M patch is the best. Not only is it the best for our purpose of making a product and delivering the correct amount of ingredients to the human, it is the only patch at this time FDA approved for our needs.

Quality patches, like 3M, are expensive and for a good reason. I am sure we have or have had friends who tried patches and they were less than successful. Most patches do not stay on the human skin, especially after bathing or swimming or just daily perspiration of the skin. Additionally, many other patches fail to flow any ingredients to the human.

Some patches are good for a few hours, even our acne patch works for overnight, but it should not be used for 3-5 days usage. The acne patch we offer is a different type of patch and was NEVER intended for extended usage past overnight. Unfortunately, many companies offer these short term patches and try to convince consumers they are good for multi day usage, which they are not.

For special needs topical patches work the best and they require only one application and days later the consumer can easily replace for a new patch. This eliminates the need to remember to take pills, capsules, tablets on a multi time per day basis. Therefore long term quality patches like 3M manufactures is a very simple solution to saving time and eliminating the worry of forgetting to consume the desired product.