Wholesalers Receive 50% Discount on ALL LasVegasDiet.com Products

For those who have an interest in buying larger quantities of LasVegasDiet.com products, we offer you the ability to become Life Enhancement Wholesalers. Life Enhancement Wholesalers are individuals / corporations who buy larger quantities of LasVegasDiet.com products to be resold anywhere in the USA or in certain foreign countries at 50% off discounted price.


Larger purchases means larger discounts. To become a Life Enhancement Wholesaler is easy. There are no massive monthly minimums to buy once you quality as a Life Enhancement Wholesaler.

50% off discounts all products

Take the first step in becoming a Life Enhancement Wholesaler – click here for registration

Life Enhancement Wholesalers are not restricted to a geographic territory within the United States. Foreign countries have a wide array of rules for supplements / health products. Often the red tape to bring in products to certain countries is too restrictive. We do not ship to all countries throughout the world. Please contact us if you want to know if we provide products to any specific country outside the USA.

Life Enhancement Wholesalers will have a minimum initial order of $10,000 to obtain the 50% discount on all products. Depending on your distribution plan and within what country determines the monthly minimum Wholesale purchases. Shipping will be FOB to the closest USA port for least cost for you to have products delivered outside the USA. Shipping for USA Wholesalers is free with minimum quantity purchases.

If you have any questions please contact us, click here, we want to hear from you.