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LasVegasDiet.com was created on September 10, 1999 by Richard Reed, founder.

Richard Reed / ReedConsortium.com, LLC, a Nevada Corporation has more than 800+ web sites, but his main interest is LasVegasDiet.com. Prior to October 1999, Richard Reed was a physically fit single young male who traveled the world doing business in nearly 100 countries. This picture is of me prior to October 30, 1999.

Less than 2 months after starting LasVegasDiet.com, I was involved in a horrific car accident having a reckless driver running into my car head on at 100+mph which instantly my life changed.

After many surgeries, extended multiple hospital procedures, nearly a year in a wheelchair, learning to walk again, more than 16 years of physical theory, my body gained a huge amount of weight, nearly double my original size.

From year 2000 until 2018 I continued gaining weight yearly even though I bought, at health stores / online stores / drug stores,  more than 100 various other companies diet products, pills, various diet programs, injections, meal replacements, books, tapes, experimental products, etc.

Below is my picture at my Rotary friends wedding, nearly 400 pounds on October 27, 2015. This was close to my all time heaviest weight.  (Because of personal embarrassment, I have very few pictures of me from year 2000 to date.)

Since 1999 to today, my daily lifestyle is not one of a poster child for a diet product. I drink alcohol because of the pain, I can hardly walk, cannot workout or exercise, eat almost every meal in restaurants and I STILL HAVE LOST 70 POUNDS taking the LasVegasDiet.com Fat Burner with Appetite Suppressant. If I can do it, you should be easily obtain better results. I sit in a chair most all day or lay down with my foot elevated and iced.  My weight loss continues and soon I will be my old size again (pre 1999) and will have accomplished this safely and without any harm to my body.

(In late 2017 I took every dollar available to me and hired the best supplement formulas throughout the USA. In 2018, they made me a simple one capsule a day product which works and is worthy of putting the LasVegasDiet.com name on it.  Fat Burner with Appetite Suppressant)

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